Foster Home

“Crown foster home” was established in December 2013.

Triggered by a crisis situation of some children who could no longer be kept by their foster family,IMG_1500 we were actually faced with the opportunity to launch a program that was our dream waiting to come true. We started with 5 children and we are currently set up as a rescue centre to provide a warm, family environment for generations of abandoned children whose beginnings have strained their future, whereby we invest to see them raised and released in their God given destiny.

Even though the orphan children problem is overwhelming in our society and we cannot tackle it on our own, we began by taking in a small group at the time and making a difference for them. Our desire is to see the children growing secure and affirmed so as adults they can live a life of influence and impact, continuing the work and the vision we believe in.

These are special children. As we glanced through the windows of their souls, our hearts are reached by the deep longing trying to grab onto a constantly deferring hope.  Each one of them has a story to tell and they are priceless. The creator seems to have placed eternal value in their hearts and it is a great honor to be able to get to know them and become helping hands in God’s service towards orphan children.